Why Mancala?

Why not Chess, Checkers, or Backgammon?

While all the above are great games and some date as far back as 5000 years, Mancala simply needs more advocates and some high-quality games to bring it back into the spotlight. 

In the United States most game players are introduced to Mancala in what is typically found on store shelves as pictured below:


A flat board with six pockets on each side and two large stores on the ends makes up most of what we see at the big-box stores. 

While retailers have kept Mancala on the store shelves in recent years, the quality of the boards has decreased. 

However, economies of scale and low-cost materials have allowed a low-cost Mancala game to be available to millions.

As we explore the world of Mancala, we will bring our readers where to find the very best games. 

If you have found a game or manufacture a Mancala style game please be sure to post it here.

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