Playing with a Mancala Capture Rule to Win

Even in the face of augmented reality, portable mobile games, and PCs, the board game industry is expected to be worth over eight billion dollars by 2021.

If you are eager for a simple, but strategic game to debut with family or friends, you may want to consider Mancala. This is a game requiring strategy, math, and outsmarting your opponent.

It's also great to use in classrooms with children.

While there are many strategic moves possible in Mancala, read below for our top Mancala capture tips and how to win every time!

Where to Start

Are you going to first? If so, the hole you play from first can make a big difference. Starting with your hole that is four away from your own mancala is a solid choice.

This will not only give you a piece in your mancala right away, but you will also get a second turn!

Each stone you land in your Mancala is worth points and safe from your opponent.

Unless it impedes your chances at a capture (see below!), always take the opportunity to score a point for yourself.

Create Empty Holes for a Mancala Capture

Not every version of Mancala abides by the capture rule, but if the one you are playing does, get ready.

The capture rule refers to a scenario when your last stone of a move lands in an empty hole on your side of the board. If this happens, you can capture any stones in the hole directly opposite of it.

You get to place the 'capturing stone' in your mancala too.

...and Watch for Empty Holes

Just like empty holes on your side is good for you, your opponent will be trying to create a capture situation as well.

To avoid this, you must be mindful of any empty holes on their side. Count stones in all your opponent's holes in order to determine if they are capable of landing a final stone in the empty hole.

If you see a possible threat, you have two options. Make a move that will fill their empty hole, or play your stones across from the empty hole to defend them.

Think Ahead

One final tip for playing Mancala? Be at least two steps ahead of your opponent. It's just like playing chess. You must anticipate every possible move.

If you struggle to calculate your next few moves, a good strategy option is hoarding.

Hoarding simple means placing multiple stones in one hole on your side and not playing from it. This serves two functions. It ensures you will have stones at the end of the game and also limits the stones your opponent can use.

Just be wary of a potential capture!

A Board Game for All Ages

Playing Mancala is a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Whether or not it gets competitive with Mancala capture rules is up to you.

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