Can Kids Play the Mancala Board Game? They Sure Can!

Mancala is considered one of the oldest board games in the world. Generically, the term refers to a two-person game using round objects and rows of holes. The objective of the game is to capture most of the round objects.

The modern Mancala game consists of two rows of holes and marbles, where the strategy is to get more marbles into your area than your opponent.

Although the modern board game uses marbles, the game traditionally used stones, beans, and seeds. Some believe the game originated between farmers, who came up with the game after a day of sowing seeds.

But can kids play the Mancala board game?

Keep reading to learn why your kids will love playing Mancala.

Kids Play the Mancala Board
Moving Seeds on a Mancala Board

The Mancala Board Game

Here are the basics of the Mancala board game:

Number of Players: 2

Age: Recommended for those 8+

Length: A single game takes approximately 15 minutes

Objective: Have the highest number of marbles in your player-controlled hole (or pit). This hole is typically the largest one at the end of each side. One player owns one of the holes and the other player owns the other.

Gameplay: Both players allocate an equal number of marbles (or seeds, stones, etc.) into each of the holes on the board. During a turn, the player picks up all of the marbles from one pit. Going counter-clockwise, then the player deposits them into each of the following pits, including their private pit. If the last marble in a pit lands in the private pit, the player gets to go again. The game ends when all of the marbles are off the board or a player is unable to make a legal move.

Why Mancala is Great for Kids

Here are three reasons why Mancala is a great board game for your kids.

1. Forward-thinking and Mathematical Reasoning

Mancala helps teach kids to think ahead. This is because to win the game, you have to foresee the outcome of your moves. The game also requires you to count the marbles and holes to figure out where you will land, and which move will lead to the greatest capture of marbles.

2. Team Building

Although Mancala is typically played as a two-player game, you can make it a team effort. This will allow the kids to come up with strategies, work together, and explain why their move may be better than others. Mancala can build vital communication skills and teamwork.

3. Vary in Complexity

Modern Mancala board games consist of two rows, which is a great way for kids to learn the game. However, once they learn gameplay and start to succeed, you can easily expand upon the game. You can add additional rows or make complex rules, encouraging your child to push themselves in order to win.

Final Thoughts

Mancala has been around for thousands of years, and for good reason. The game is not only fun, but it challenges players to think ahead, count, and come up with effective strategies against an opponent.

The Mancala board game is a great addition to your family's game set. For more articles on the history, diversity, and strategy of the Mancala game, visit our website today.


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