The Best Sites to Play Mancala Online for Free

Mancala is a game that's been around since 500 AD. The reason why it's persisted through all of these years is simple: it's a fun, challenging brain game that can be played at all ages.

But not everyone is lucky enough to own their own Mancala board. And even if they do, what if you're itching to play and you have no one to play with?

That's where this post comes in. We're going to tell you about the best sites to play Mancala online for free, so you'll never get the Manacala urge without relief again.

Play Mancala Online
Playing Mancala Online, in our opinion, is one of the best options you can get for online Mancala play. Why? Because it allows you to play with other online players instead of just against a computer.

It also has an easy to use interface so you won't have to waste time being confused about how to set up your online game or which buttons to press to make your next move.

You can also chat with other players to easily connect with other Mancala players!

Cool Math Games

Did you know that Mancala has connections to logic, reasoning, and mathematics? It's no wonder it's played in the classroom as well as on websites like

This is another free website where you can play Mancala along with other math centered games like Sudoku and 2048. Cool Math Games' version of Mancala makes it clear whether it's your turn or the computer's turn. It also animates the board so you can exactly how each turn plays out. has the same version of Mancala that's on Cool Math Games, but the website is worth visiting. Like Cool Math Games, it also offers other intellect-centered games like word games, Sudoku, crosswords, and logic puzzles.

Two Player Games

Two Player Games offers up a bit of a twist on the classic Mancala board that the other sites we've mentioned offer. Instead of the classic rocks or beads, this version uses snails as your playing pieces.

You can either play by yourself against a computer (with three different difficulty levels) or you can play a two player game with your friend.

This is a fun twist on the classic version of the game, all while keeping the same rules, strategies, and culture that made it a popular game for over 1000 years.

And besides the first option to play against random online players, this is the only other online option on our list that allows you to play against someone else instead of against a computer.

Ready to Play Mancala Online?

The world's oldest game has entered the modern age with Mancala online games. Available in both the classic board form and now a digital version, Mancala is sure to maintain its popularity for the foreseeable future.

Want to learn more about this ancient game? Check out our post about the history of Mancala as well as how Mancala is relevant in modern times.


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